Artist: Joan Diamond

Title: Portal

Attribution: Portal, 2019, Joan Diamond

Year: 2019

Materials: Cotton, Procion dyes, cotton and silk thread

Dimensions: 41"H x 46"W

Image Statement: This started as a very large cotton square, but the composition of my surface design that evolved was undesirable. I found myself with a static T shaped design, not unlike the shape of a kimono. Free wheeling black swirly lines failed to break up the composition and realizing the piece needed a dramatic over-haul, I put it away. By the time I looked at it again I had coincidently been looking at a lot of pre-Renaissance paintings, and was admiring how important all those triangle sight lines were to those compositions-portals to cohesiveness and perspective. Click! I realized I could be brave and not be bound by the original size or shape that this piece was as it had been dyed, and without further ado, re-addressed it.