Raging Tempest, var. 2

Raging Tempest, var. 2

Artist: Mary-Ellen Latino

Title: Raging Tempest, var. 2

Attribution: Raging Tempest, var. 2

Year: 2022

Materials: silk broadcloth, cotton, photo, dyed cloth, thread

Dimensions: 64 x 27

Image Statement: My art has been informed by the Pandemic and a diagnosis of cancer. Raging Tempest, var.2 was created in reaction to the diagnosis. I took photographs of the Pacific ocean and transformed the scene to reveal a primal force that was ablaze within me. Although the storm appears dangerous and perhaps insurmountable, these moments will gradually subside over time. ‘The world is a great ocean, upon which we encounter more tempestuous storms than calms’. Edgar Allen Poe