Regal Growth

Regal Growth

Artist: Heather Ritchie

Title: Regal Growth

Attribution: Regal Growth 2022 Heather Milne Ritchie

Year: 2022

Materials: velvet, lace, string, domestic recyclables

Dimensions: 16"x#3"

Image Statement: Fibers of women's work and luxury are combined with recycled armature. The paradox of feminine materials and phallic form boasts strength in softness. The fungi family is at the root of transformation in our environment. As women and artists, we are at the root of it in society. Our commonalities are many. Consistently adapting, changing, growing, failing, dying yet reinventing ourselves. Bucking structures because the underground system is so vast. Rising up, delicately adorned, usually in the shadows of night. Pulling on the strings of our past, standing tall wrapped in tiers of lace, hooded in a veil of crushed comfort to attain our Regal Growth.