Artist: Barbara Burns

Title: Revolution

Attribution: Revolution, 2012, Barbara Burns

Year: 2012

Materials: cotton and silk

Dimensions: 60 x 27.5 inches

Image Statement: Revolution" was inspired by a c.1780, French, silk, walking dress, a new style derived from work clothes and town wear of ordinary people. In this new style, the skirt, draped back gave the wearer more freedom of movement. The folds and bright red color caught my eye."Revolution' speaks to the new freedom of the dress but also to the upcoming French Revolution and most importantly to the clothing evolution that would begin in ernest around 1850 with talk of how restrictive clothing distorted women's bodies and compromised their health. This was the start of the women's movement. Women tried to take back control of their bodies through clothing, later suffrage and on to today's issues. It won Best Traditional Tapestry from Atilje 61' 5th Triennial of Tapestry, in Novi Sad, Serbia