Artist: Alison Schwabe

Title: Slideshow

Attribution: Slideshow, 2015, Alison Schwabe

Year: 2015

Materials: cottons, Woo blend batting, polyester threads, nylon-backed Mylar

Dimensions: 120cmw x 100cmh

Image Statement: Traditional quilt making continues to influence my art through the grid layout of most of my designs. Repetition represents calm stability, and in today’s turbulent world I value living in a reasonably orderly home, community and country. This work hung on a wall here since 2015 and remained untitled until earlier this year, when a friend commented it reminded her of the slide nights of our youth, in those distant days before TV arrived in our homes. Our parents would gather us all together in the living room to enjoy returned travellers’ slides and hear them talk about their observations, experiences and highlights of their trips in interesting, distant places. They were in effect sharing personal travelogues, and these evenings always concluded with supper of scones or cake with cordial for us kids, and tea or beer for the adults.