So Many Coffins

So Many Coffins

Artist: Alison Schwabe

Title: So Many Coffins

Attribution: 2021, So Many Coffins, Alison Schwabe,

Year: 2021

Materials: Scrap leather, cottons, polyester batting, nylon and polyester threads.

Dimensions: 142cmw x 89cmh

Image Statement: Pandemic Patterns series, #5. As the Covid-19 pandemic spread around the world in 2021, we saw footage of bodies lying on streets outside hospitals, piled in freezer trucks and banked up in funeral homes. What shocked me most was the many acres of freshly cleared fields covered with rows of freshly dug graves, where many burials took place without a single mourner present. While the pandemic abates in some parts of the world, in other regions there are still too many coffins being hastily placed in fields of freshly dug graves.