Artist: Jodi Colella

Title: Stinger

Attribution: Stinger, 2018, Jodi Colella

Year: 2018

Materials: Hundreds of found doilies dyed black and sewn onto a 9-gauge, hand built armature

Dimensions: 7 x 24 x 17 feet

Image Statement: Stinger looms larger than life. Its lacy exoskeleton is crafted from found doilies that suggest a history of needlework and domesticity that is left ambiguous. Dyed black and collaged into a mosaic of patterns, they now form the permeable body of a creature feared for its venomous sting and quick shift from repose to attack. Balancing tradition and innovation I used needlework to infuse renewed power to craft traditions often dismissed as feminine. Found objects-the everyday and invisible-are reworked and repurposed, and placed on a pedestal for scrutiny where the psychological is made physical in the way the one form materializes from another.