Artist: Rachel Kanter

Title: Tekiah

Attribution: Tekiah, 2022, Rachel Kanter

Year: 2022

Materials: American flag that hung in front of Rachel’s home from 2020-2022, vintage American flags, vintage tallit (prayer shawls), vintage embroidery floss from Rachel’s grandmother, commercial cotton.

Dimensions: 61” x 45”

Image Statement: Tekiah. Tekiah Gedolah. The shofar blast. A call. A cry. A shout. Wake up! Pay attention! The time is now! Tekiah is for my daughters. It is a map of where they can safely live with bodily autonomy, have the ability to make medical decisions for themselves and where they can live full Jewish lives. without government intrusion. Tekiah cries out: Access to abortion is a women’s issue, a human issue, and a Jewish issue.