The Plight of the Migrants

The Plight of the Migrants

Artist: Boisali Biswas

Title: The Plight of the Migrants

Attribution: The Plight of the Migrants, 2020, Boisali Biswas

Year: 2020

Materials: Paper, paints, cotton yarns

Dimensions: 28"x 31"

Image Statement: When the pandemic hit the world, India with it's huge population failed miserably in handling the situation of the enormous population of migrant laborers. Almost overnight they were sent back to their remote villages with inadequate transportation. Thousands with men, women, children, of all ages started the journey back home on foot. It was a horrendous situation to fathom. Many perished along the way not from the virus but the fatigue. I almost lost my sleep thinking about those poor helpless people. Together with new isolation in place, made me paint this, the only constructive work I could make during the unprecedented time of our lives.