The Red Gardener

The Red Gardener

Artist: Sharon Peoples

Title: The Red Gardener

Attribution: The Red Gardener, 2021, Sharon Peoples

Year: 2021

Materials: rayon polyester thread, cotton

Dimensions: 64" x 37"

Image Statement: Sharon Peoples explore plants and gardens: the inner secret garden, artists’ gardens, public gardens, national parks as gardens and gardens of the imagination. Her ‘garden’ is the areas she walks – the local hills and national parks. Fragility of both the environment and the human condition are reflected in the medium: the stitch. In thinking of very large historic embroideries, such as the Bayeux Tapestry, the marks of stitchers, restorers and menders stand to illustrate the repair, care and protection that is required for the environment. She uses her embroidery as a metaphor for repair. In using the female warrior she explores the continuous battle in the garden in pursuit of ideals of paradise, as noted by eco-feminist Val Plumwood who argues that gardening ideals in Australia are strongly influenced by the twin forces of colonialism and commodification. Home gardens become part of the war against nature.