Three Scrolls: Journeys

Three Scrolls: Journeys

Artist: Astrid Bennett

Title: Three Scrolls: Journeys

Attribution: Three Scrolls: Journeys; 2018

Year: 2018

Materials: Handpainting, monoprinting, drawing, stitching; cotton, polymer medium, India ink, eyelets

Dimensions: each: 4 x 39"

Image Statement: My current bodies of work include the “Tarps” and “Scrolls” series, adding drawing and mixed media to my hand dyed and printed textiles. Metaphorically, I see tarps as protective, versatile, adaptive. In some dystopian future, they could be functional, providing shelter or some other use. I often pair Tarps and Scrolls with natural phenomena, using photography in short-term installations. Part object, part theater set, these pieces can be used interchangeably in standard exhibitions or in installation indoors or out. Scrolls even accompany me on travels, with opportunities for drawing and photography in unaccustomed settings.