To Thaw, To Release, To Relinquish

To Thaw, To Release, To Relinquish

Artist: Wen Redmond

Title: To Thaw, To Release, To Relinquish

Attribution: To Thaw, To Release, To Relinquish, 2023, Wen Redmond

Year: 2023

Materials: Artist printed digital silk organza, recycled papers, letters, and found materials, cheesecloth, satin varnish, mica medium.

Dimensions: 28x44

Image Statement: Text- Mercy, Mercy, Shh, I need to hear in the silence. Silence is always truth. That’s where I can hear the thoughts of my soul, to share with my sisters, to remember to remember. This thought in the next period to battle the weeds of negativity. Remember the positive. This is the way I can steer my perceptions. Become aware because you were you and I was me and we are all one in spirit. A kind of Chrysalis. Bringing our beings into a world that needs us so much! To heal our planet, we start with our minds! Awareness. Change. Hope. We can move forward. We may be At the end but instead let us begin! Hope will spring!