UAE Pearl

UAE Pearl

Artist: Nedaa Elias

Title: UAE Pearl

Attribution: UAE Pearl, Zabeel Park, Dubai, 2016, Nedaa Elias

Year: 2016

Materials: Steel

Dimensions: 250x250 cm

Image Statement: The installation, called UAE Pearl, invites the audience to explore the hidden culture of the UAE to create a link between the two direct contrasts of the modern UAE; modernity and culture. It also seeks to influence the audience on how to interact with the natural scenery of UAE that hosts hundreds of beautiful birds. The user experience requires the viewer to interact with the installation by starting with one guiding point, where one bird illustration is complete and to let the viewer find other birds by changing their viewing distance, angle, focal points, and direction. The Artwork will be touring the Emirates in different public places. The first exhibition has taken place at Zabeel Park, Dubai, UAE on 8 January 2016.