Artist: Heather Baumbach

Title: Unmentionables

Attribution: Unmentionables, 2021, Heather Baumbach

Year: 2021

Materials: Garment rack, hand dyed utility crinoline, boning, thread, sewing notions

Dimensions: 53"x48"x21"

Image Statement: Society has hang-ups about the body-unmentionables- parts and processes that are too embarrassing, too upsetting, or deemed too offensive to address publicly with words. Modification of body often starts with our underthings, our lingerie, our underwear. Why are some parts of ourselves expected to stay covered and hidden, while others are to be emphasized. Using hand dyed crinoline, garment notions, and traditional sewing techniques, each individual garment is formed from popular lingerie garment pattern shapes, to examine the absurdity of reshaping the body.