Violet Protest

Violet Protest

Artist: Ann Morton

Title: Violet Protest

Attribution: Violet Protest, 2020 - 2022, Ann Morton

Year: 2020-2022

Materials: Various mixed textile media

Dimensions: Varies -

Image Statement: a nation-wide public art project that employed hand-made textiles as tools for protest against political divisiveness. The color Violet symbolizes the literal combination of red and blue, familiar symbols of our nation's differing ideologies. The project focused on values we hold dear, rather than specific political or social issues. Over 2000 makers from across all 50 states, DC, and 5 Canadian provinces contributed 8 x8-inch squares using a variety of textile processes, in equal parts red and blue. By completion, we collected approximately 13,500 squares yielding 25 squares that were bundled and send to each member of the 117th Congress as a unique demonstration of protest, and to voice our hopes and support for cooperation between lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.