Voluntary Protective Action

Voluntary Protective Action

Artist: Ann Morton

Title: Voluntary Protective Action

Attribution: Voluntary Protective Action, 2021-2022, Ann Morton

Year: 2021-2022

Materials: US Flag, hand-knit wool yarn

Dimensions: 53" x 76"

Image Statement: During the course of the Violet Protest* exhibition at Phoenix Art Museum in 2021, Ann knitted the front panel of this flag’s sweater - combining red and blue yarn in an intertwined cable stitch. The knitted pattern represents the interdependence of red and blue - familiar symbols of our nation’s political parties - to maintain the integrity of the cloth of our democracy. Traditionally, we make sweaters or blankets for those that we care about to protect them and keep them warm and safe, hence this out-sized sweater for the American Flag, the visible symbol of our American unity.