Women’s Work Is Never Done

Women’s Work Is Never Done

Artist: Merill Comeau

Title: Women’s Work Is Never Done

Attribution: Women's Work Is Never Done, 2019, Merill Comeau

Year: 2019

Materials: painted vintage linens and deconstructed clothing, hand stitching of various methods of manipulating fabric historically used in clothing construction

Dimensions: 16' x 14'

Image Statement: In my practice, I deconstruct and reconstruct clothing undoing another woman’s work and think about socioeconomics of maker/wearer and textile industry. In this installation, I used black painted fabric as I taught myself methods of fabric manipulation employed in garment construction to pay homage to the skills and craft of dressmakers. It is challenged learning, evidenced by my clumsy products, and labeled with tongue in cheek puns referring to the method and my emotions such as ‘I’m ruffled” for ruffles and “I’m boxed in” for a boxed pleat