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(Re)Collect is a solo exhibition of mixed-media installation art by Minnesota artist and SDA member, Susanna Gaunt: “My artwork is inspired by natural history. I collect natural specimens as objects and  observations of nature as memories and use both to explore ideas in the studio. In the past two years, this has expanded to include collecting community stories about how folks connect and relate to the nonhuman world. Their words are inspiring new and evolving collaborative pieces.

Working with a variety of materials, I make two- and three-dimensional works that provide an interactive experience. The pieces are displayed as a coherent assembly of repeated forms designed to encourage the viewer to move in for a closer look at the details. In the work, I search for ways to impose unexpected connections between human and animal, blurring the lines between the observer and the observed: The human figure is pinned in a specimen drawer; human organs are collaged with insect anatomy; human and animal details are inventoried on toe tags. The entanglement can disrupt what is known and therefore open a door to reflection.”


Date(s): 03/22/2024 to 05/19/2024

Cost: Free


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Pablo Center at the Confluence
Eau Claire, Wisconsin United States