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Which Way Is Up? online workshop with Rosalie Dace

Discover the importance of abstracting, editing, and simplifying ideas to make a good visual composition. Learn how to bring your great ideas to life and translate them into fabric and thread with meaningful shapes and lines, creating rhythm and movement. As students look at a variety of images and discuss the elements of design, they will see why some designs, whether representational or abstract, work better than others as they divide space and make it understandable to the viewer. Students must have their own computer, webcam, and basic computer skills to login and interact with the class on Zoom.
Cost: $570 for the online class

Most students take the workshop from their home. If someone wishes to attend the Quilting by the Lake conference, they must register for housing on campus and take the class from their dorm room. Dorm accommodations start at $675.


Date(s): 07/22/2024 to 07/26/2024

Cost: Cost: $570 for the online class



Wells College
Aurora, New York United States