Linen throw Blanket, 2024, Luanne Seymour. Linen, cotton, wool batting, 48" x 68".

Textile Talks features weekly presentations and panel discussions from SDA, the International Quilt Museum, Quilt Alliance, and Studio Art Quilt Associates.

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Sound Made Tactile: At the Intersection of Textiles and Science

with Judit Eszter Kárpáti and Esteban de la Torre of EJTECH and Lindsay Olson


Join us as we explore the cross-disciplinary possibilities of acoustics and textiles with Judit Eszter Kárpáti, PhD and Esteban de la Torre of EJTECH and Lindsay Olson. EJTECH is an artist duo working with sound, space, light and time as material building blocks to draw connections between technology and the human body. Lindsay Olson creates artwork inspired by science and technology and was the resident artist aboard the marine Research Vessel Endeavor. All three artists create innovative work that push the boundaries of textiles and offer new ways of understanding the connections between art and science.

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Formed by Judit Eszter Kárpáti and Esteban de la Torre, EJTECH [ˈeɪtɛk’] is an polydisciplinary artist duo working with hyperphysical interfaces, programmable matter, and augmented textiles as media to investigate sensorial and conceptual relationships between subject and object, aiming to rediscover networks of emerging structures and immanent causality within realist metamaterialism. Sound, space, light and time as material building blocks are paramount elements in their practice, analyzing the process of unfolding patterns between technology and the human body. Driven by material research, resulting in performative installations, multichannel sonic sculptures and dynamic surfaces. Influenced by the philosophy of New Materialism, Holonic Theory and Somaesthetics, EJTECH aims to provide tools for exploring liminality, thirdspace, and the elusive state of now.

Lindsay Olson’s artistic practice grows out of an intense curiosity about the ways our society is supported by science and technology. She has worked as Fermi National Accelerator’s first artist in residence, with the CMS experiment at CERN in Switzerland, with the MWRD, the Field Museum. Her work has been shown at the Schingoethe Museum, Zhou Brothers Art Gallery and the Field Museum, and the University of New Hampshire. She is a graduate of Columbia College where she also taught for over 20 years. She uses her skills to create innovative textile art to help connect viewers to scientific research and pushes the edge of expression with textile processes.

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