Outstanding Students 2022

Each spring, instructors nominate students for SDA’s Outstanding Student Award. Awardees demonstrate inventive and innovative use of technique, materials, or concepts. Congratulations to all 41 of our 2022 awardees!

Students to be Featured in Fall Journal
Outstanding Students 2022

Students to be Featured in Fall Journal

This year, SDA’s Education Committee selected three exemplary awardees to feature in the Fall Journal:

Laurel Rennie 
Katy Rodden Walker 
Simone White 

Laurel Rennie (Graduate: Fibers and Material Practices – Concordia University)

Crabapple Cathedral, 2021. Photo credit: Paul Litherland
Crabapple Cathedral is a kind of spiritual altar to uglier processes of human transformation. Like plants, humans experience cycles of decay, alteration and regrowth. At times frightening, painful, and beautiful, these cycles of change are the core of human experience. There is a necessity to discomfort; a processing of sour hard fruit into sweet jam.

Katy Rodden Walker (Graduate: Ceramics/Interdisciplinary) – University of Massachusetts Dartmouth)
Enmeshed, 2022. Photo credit: Charles Mayer Photography

Growing and withering, constantly evolving, Enmeshed embraces Rhizomatic and Feminist theory, and is inspired from microscopic images of mycelium (fungal spores and roots). Embracing the diverse ways that life cooperates together, Enmeshed evolves and merges with the installation space, expanding in all directions, non-hierarchically, allowing for new offshoots and possibilities. The gauzy material is light and airy, suspended from the walls and ceiling, like atmospheric clouds. All parts play a role and have value in the structure. Using microscopic images of mycelium, I use scale to increase and heighten awareness of these forms, play with perception, and use warm lighting and shadows to expand the form into space, enticing the viewer to step inside.

Simone White (Undergraduate: Fashion Design – Cornell University)
Ni de aquí, ni de allá, 2022
This collection Ni de aquí, ni de allá, which translates to neither here, nor there is a self exploration of imposter syndrome around the artist’s Latinx identity. The work focuses on Cumbia Colombiana performance which is traditional dance from Colombia. The skirts, which reference traditional costuming, are worn wrapped around the body in different ways to reflect a lack of formal transitions, almost like a child playing dress up. The entire collection consists of pieces that the artist shima seiki programmed, knit and assembled, using 2 and 3 color jacquard and jersey pointelle structures. These allowed her to create textiles out of her self portrait drawing that move through the stages of empowerment and disassociation, accompanied by quotes from Latinx poets, such as Sandra María Esteves and Yesika Salgada, as well as the artist’s writing. The collection was worn and performed in by the members of Cornell’s latin dance team Sabor Latino Dance Ensemble. Overall the collection is meant to capture a sense of overcompensation in cultural expression as a means of justifying oneself in their identity.

Outstanding Students 2022