Cynthia Evans "Descanso" (detail)

Inaugural SDA Southwest Regional Exhibition

The Southwest region of the United States stretches across an expansive landscape that ranges from a variety of soaring monoliths of red sandstone pinnacles to lush snow capped mountains. The high desert plateau repetitively cracks open to reveal cavernous canyons and hidden spring-fed creeks. The overwhelmingly gorgeous scenery combines with the powerful presence of indigenous cultures, the colonization of Spanish settlers and the iconic American “Wild West” frontier to provide a plethora of creative inspiration. 

Roberta Rogers, Tubac Center of the Arts.

With the unlimited stimulating influence of the Southwest, surface designers of this region have harnessed the energy to produce artworks that invigorate the senses and rejuvenate the soul. Numerous towns in this region have attracted artists from around the world for the climate, community and charm. Tubac, Arizona, just outside Tucson, is one of these magical artist villages and tourist destinations. Tubac’s slogan is, “Where art and history meet,” making it the perfect location to host SDA’s inaugural Southwest Regional Exhibition

The exhibition will be held at the Tubac Center of the Arts (TCA) and will showcase the work of members from Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Southern California, Texas, and Utah. Arizona artist Annie Lopez will jury the exhibition and select and present awards in person during the opening reception on September 30. The exhibition runs from September 30 to November 13, 2022, with a plate printing workshop by Connie Rohman on Sunday and Monday, October 1–2.

Annie Lopez, Favorite Things, 2016. Cyanotype prints on tamale wrapper paper, thread, zipper and metal buckle, 46 x 33 x 30 inches.

An active member of the Phoenix, Arizona, art scene since 1982, Annie Lopez has consistently created new bodies of narrative work exploring a variety of subjects. Her art reflects her experiences using family photographs, vintage found photos, personal letters, and short stories. In her work, she presents a dialogue about racism, stereotypes, the local art world, personal relationships and family. She is most known for using cyanotype, an archival photographic printing process. 

Annie Lopez, Not A Blue Bird, 2022. Cyanotype on watercolor paper, 20 x 24 inches.

Fiber artist Connie Rohman creates unique fabric collages, fiber wall art, and art quilts. Her fabrics are meticulously hand-dyed using traditional methods to explore abstract shapes, lines and colors. Connie has won numerous awards for her work and has exhibited internationally and in multiple museums.

Connie Rohman, The Truth Matters, 2018. Gelatin plate printing textile, embroidery on fabric, 14 x 14 inches.

The theme of this exhibition was designed to be simple and encouraging to numerous artists, and features an overview and sampling of Southwest members’ creations. The SW Regional Group is thrilled to highlight its members’ creativity and grow a strong community of inspiring individuals. 

Connie Rohman, Esprit, 2019. Embroidery on hand printed fabric, 16 x 20 inches.

The SW Regional Group is working on hosting regular exhibitions and workshops to develop opportunities for members to unite as a group to network and collaborate. The group is passionate about assisting this region to become more connected and active. With a rich history of surface design and an overabundance of creative inspiration in the Southwest region, this group is enthusiastic and motivated to showcase the endless talent that manifests in these states. 

Connie Rohman working in the studio.

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