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Outstanding Student Award Winners 2019 (Part I of III)

The winners of Surface Design Association’s Outstanding Students Awards were announced this past May, and what an amazing group emerging professional work we received. All the student’s work features innovation within the field of fibers and textiles and is part of a cohesive and professionally accomplished body of work. With 36 winners (both nationally and internationally), we’ve decided to break the gallery up into 3 batches of 12 students. Nominated by the chair of their department, all winners receive a free digital membership for the year.

Maryam Aziz (Undergraduate) Organic, hand painted acrylic, canvas, embroidered, crochet, beaded, cotton, plywood, 28″ x 22″

Swan Staveski (Undergraduate) In A House At The Top Of A Staircase (mouse runs out the door), cardboard, acrylic paint, charcoal, fluff, yarn, lots of glue, tulle, fabrics, dimensions vary.

Erin King (Graduate) Musica Universalis, woven on the keyboard of a piano after the keys were removed, dimensions vary.

Ger Xiong (Graduate) In Translation: Side B: Scene 6, cotton, thread, steel, velcro, magnet / stitching, reverse appliquéd, rivets, 7″ x 4”.

Emily Schmidt (Undergraduate) Untitled, cotton, wool, handwoven, supplementary weft, 30” x 20″.

Danielle Cavinder (Undergraduate) Visuality, wool, acrylic, rayon yarns, cotton, leather cord, metal discs, 18″ x 32” x 3”.

Christine Weiss (Undergraduate) mosaic, dyed cotton, discharge screen printed, embroidered chain stitch, 20” x 72”.

Katherine Mills (Undergraduate) (un)safe spaces, performance: safety pins, thread, wire screens, mylar blankets, egg shells, charcoal, blindfolds, nylon, bedsheet, performers, dimensions vary.

Jacob Martinez (Undergraduate) Suluco, silk, nylon, cotton, polyester, faux fur, batting, dye, pigment, screen printing, painting, shibori, batik, block-printed, sublimation-printed, appliquéd, marbled, reverse appliquéd, quilted, 80” x 36”.

Mengting Shen Rewind, cotton, jacquard woven.

Catherine Liu (Graduate) It Should Be Familiar, copper and steel plate intaglio printed, natural dyed (brazilwood and pomegranate), letterpress, 12” x 9.5”.

Yoshimi Teh Soo Mei (Graduate) Portalis, paper, ink, resin, lithography, casted, dimensions vary.

Natthanan (Gain) Vatthanasangpan (Graduate) Gravity, heavy duty tread, polyester fabric, drawn, tied, translucency fabric, 18 x 80 x 12”.

For more information check out Outstanding Student Awards

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  • Elin says

    August 14, 2019 at 12:25 pm

    Ger Xiong work is amazing, it reminds me the work of ipknot on instagram, she is making small pieces with only french knots.

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