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Outstanding Student Award Winners 2019 (Part II of III)

This week presents our second batch of SDA’s Outstanding Students Award Winners and they will continue the streak of innovation within the field of fibers and textiles. Nominated by the chair of their department, all winners receive a free digital membership for the year.

Alya Corner (Graduate) Scalpel, Please, digital illustration, digital print, 39” x 59”.

Paulina Fuenzalida-Guzman (Graduate) Not to forget them, wool, cotton, hemp, dye, nails, 104″ x 56”.

Kyung Min Cho (Graduate) Blue the Emperor I, viscose yarn, 78” x 78”.

Becca Hahn (Undergraduate) Infectious Threads, wool roving, embroidery floss, seed beads, muslin, felt, glass petri dishes, needle-felted, embroidered, 4″ x 4″ each.

Laura Boban (Graduate) Leap Over Gillis’s Girls, mixed media, thrifted textiles, cardboard, piecework, hand-embroidered, 82” x 67”.

Emarie Burns (Undergraduate) Unearthing Color, direct dyed, batik, discharged, fiber reactive dyes, cotton sateen, canvas, flannel, duck, twill, 12″ x 18″ each.

Taylor Orr (Graduate) Camoflage Disposition, reclaimed vintage fur coat section, beaded, 18” x 20” x 3”.

Oliver Jaskowski (Undergraduate) Standing Nightmare of a False Protection, cotton twill, beeswax, steel, nylon webbing, plastic buckle, moving blanket, dimensions vary.

April Traugott (Graduate) Ruby Bocconia, watercolor, ink, handpainted, CAD, 14” x 10″.

Julia Pakstas (Undergraduate) Jacket, hand cut block print, hand dyed, natural dyes, woven, hand-embroidered.

Sarah Hudson (Undergraduate) Kitchen Floor, linen, cotton batting, textile pigment, thread, screen-printed, quilted, 124” x 98”.

Ian Price (Undergraduate) Smoky Basket, 3D printed, fireworks, twinned yarn, 8” x 3” x 2”.

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