Celestial Flower

Celestial Flower

Artist: Nancy Monson

Title: Celestial Flower

Attribution: Celestial Flower, 2015

Year: Celestial Flower, 2015, Nancy Monson

Materials: Acid-dyed wool, silk cocoons and dupioni, acrylic paint, wire

Dimensions: 8 1/2” with a 17” tail

Image Statement: “Celestial Flower” began as wool roving and bits of silk dupioni that I sandwiched between dissolvable vessel. The pistils of the flower are composed of dyed and painted silk cocoons and felt. The stem is made of wire coated with layers of felted merino wool and was attached via needle-felting. The piece speaks of the connection between the heavens and the earth, merging a fertile, earth-bound flower with the surreal shading and colors of the celestial sky. “Celestial Flower” is an homage to my late mother, Barbara, who loved dramatic, bold colors and flowers.