WILD DREAMS (collage #9)

WILD DREAMS (collage #9)

Artist: Michael F James

Title: WILD DREAMS (collage #9)

Attribution: Wild Dreams (collage #9), Michael James

Year: 2023

Materials: Mixed media (printed cotton, reactive dyes/dye sublimation; found paper; hemp cord, thread; gouache, marker; felt; stitching, fusing; linen mount)

Dimensions: 26" h x 36" w framed

Image Statement: These “collages” (more “bricolages” really) developed from a strong impulse to work more intuitively and spontaneously, and to put some distance between myself and my long relationship with patchwork and quilts and their familiar conventions. I’ve learned to use several design apps on my iPad, (Adobe Fresco, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Tayasui Sketches Pro, and Zen Brush) and these have produced the painterly and relatively unstructured surfaces that form the grounds onto which I build with assorted materials and techniques. Some of them start with a folio format, and I like the notion that as such they can be “read,” but as visual rather than narrative texts.