Dreaming Quilt: Summer Light 2

Dreaming Quilt: Summer Light 2

Artist: Astrid Bennett

Title: Dreaming Quilt: Summer Light 2

Attribution: Dreaming Quilt: Summer Light 2, 2020, Astrid Hilger Bennett

Year: 2020

Materials: All fabrics start out white and are patterned by the artist. Handpainting, monoprinting, screen printing, machine quilting Backing is also handpainted or dyed fabrics. 100% cotton fabrics and batting. Fiber reactive dyes. Longarm quilting by Sarah Yoder Parker, Bee Quilted

Dimensions: 84 x 81"

Image Statement: The global pandemic created enormous challenges. In July 2020, needing color, I started the Dreaming Quilts project, using 30 years of my own fabrics to create 15 one-of-a-kind, full sized, functional quilts to be hung on walls or used for bedding. Representing a personal art history of sorts, I let the designs evolve as they wanted to. Color and stitching contributed to a practice of solace and healing. 100% of the proceeds of any sales of these works benefits cultural institutions and nonprofits. This project would not have been possible without the longarm quilting assistance of Sarah Yoder Parker, Bee Quilted. Summer Light 2 is the cover image of A Playbill for Sunset, poems by Dan Campion.