Loom, Womb Recollection Project

Loom, Womb Recollection Project

Artist: Sharon Webster

Title: Loom, Womb Recollection Project

Attribution: Loom, Womb Recollection Project, 2010, Sharon Webster

Year: 2010

Materials: wooden clothes dryer, black walnuts, twine

Dimensions: 25 in x 37 in x 30 in

Image Statement: The Womb Recollection Project was a realignment project after a hysterectomy and subsequent injury during recovery. I collected bucketfulls of black walnuts from the neighborhood where I lived and worked because of their striking likeness to wombs. It was physical reclaiming of what was lost. The project had many pieces that were part of a small solo show. This particular piece suggests weaving as well as presenting the wombs in a suspended (or sutured) way. The strings act as compositional lines that move and join the piece. It was popular with kids who loved interacting with it.