PCP#4: Depression/Anxiety

PCP#4: Depression/Anxiety

Artist: Kimberley Harding

Title: PCP#4: Depression/Anxiety

Attribution: Kimberley Harding

Year: 2023

Materials: fiber rush, prescription bottles, nylon cord, dye

Dimensions: 7” h x 23” w x 17” d

Image Statement: Since adolescence depression and anxiety have been my shadow companions. I was privileged to partake of psychotherapy for many years, which was very helpful but insufficient to make living with the diseases tolerable. I resisted chemical treatment for a long, long time. During a particularly stressful period, I began experiencing panic attacks and succumbed to the lure of the medicated solution. I’ve been on a few over the years, and they work for the most part, but they have their cost. And there are still some days when depression, especially, escapes from the shadowy confines and grips me with its bruising tendrils. It wears me down and keeps me from doing what I love – creating.