Artist: Linda Kim

Title: Pieced

Attribution: Pieced, 2017, Linda M Kim

Year: 2017

Materials: Maple, poplar, walnut, cherry, redwood, purple heart, teak, Spanish cedar, African mahogany, plywood, adhesive, clear acrylic

Dimensions: 54.5h x 47w x 1d inches

Image Statement: Quilts inspired this project as the title references the traditional method of stitching small fabric pieces to create a whole, designed in ornamental patterns. I'm drawn to the resourcefulness of quilters past who repurposed fabric scraps and constructed something utilitarian that's just as pleasing to behold. More than that, each quilt is an original, relying on the remnants at hand and the patience and skill of the quilter. With 'Pieced', I had the opportunity to showcase the bountiful qualities of natural woods in all their many hues and unique characteristics. All woods are presented in their natural state, no color additives were used.