Rosa, the Resurgent Beauty

Rosa, the Resurgent Beauty

Artist: Eve Jacobs-Carnahan

Title: Rosa, the Resurgent Beauty

Attribution: Rosa, the Resurgent Beauty, 2016, Eve Jacobs-Carnahan, photo by Paul Rogers, Stowe VT

Year: 2016

Materials: Knitted yarns, fused silk, wire, canvas, rubber, trash

Dimensions: 18 x 23 x 14

Image Statement: This piece is an exuberant tribute to the wild rose bush, which looms large in my memory of New England shoreside vacations. The delicate flowers perfume the air with their spicy bouquet. This hardy plant with its thorny stems seemingly can grow anywhere. Its persistent stalks push through the roughest terrain, as here through a pile of discarded trash. It promises hope and beauty.