Rue Vieille, Aubusson

Rue Vieille, Aubusson

Artist: Rene Shoemaker

Title: Rue Vieille, Aubusson

Attribution: Rue Vieille, Aubusson. 2018. René Shoemaker

Year: 2018

Materials: Hand-painted silk with fiber-reactive dyes

Dimensions: 10 x 14

Image Statement: This centuries old and abandoned house is well loved by artists and photographers of La Creuse region. I sought to simplify the building to its most elemental shapes, capturing the energy and force - and history - that it shares with this town. It sits on a narrow pedestrian street named, aptly, Rue Vieille. This painting is one of my very favorites and hangs on the living room wall in my house in France. The colors are subtle and rich, and I regard it as one of my seminal artworks. First exhibited at Galerie AM'Carta in Aubusson in 2018.