Artist: Fleur Thesmar

Title: Thistles

Attribution: Thistles, 2022, Thesmar

Year: 2022

Materials: cotton thread on linen canvas

Dimensions: 8x10

Image Statement: By combining images of human-made and natural subjects in my artworks, I aim to challenge the feeling of oppression induced by our times. I am interested in the emotions of distanciation or (reversely) fusion, to the world. In recent months, I felt language became dysfunctional. The art of conversation has grown fragile. Yet human words give us the illusion that nothing in the world is out of our understanding. I intend to depict unspeakable stories with many layers of interpretation. Because of an allergic condition, I became forced to use non-allergen natural pigments and surfaces, which reconstitute an antique color space. While desperate about not being able to "paint", I became very slowly aware that this poisoning by plastics, preservatives and chemicals was also impairing our environment. This event of a highly allergic condition led me to blur the border between painting, drawing, weaving and embroidery. I explore technical possibilities to renew our imagery, but how to paint beautiful, poisoned landscapes now? I initially began drawing with an interest in landscapes and in the representation of space. In drawings and paintings, I reverse the traditional perspective, using instead a personal composition structure based on the golden ratio.