Trawling the Algae Overload

Trawling the Algae Overload

Artist: Eve Jacobs-Carnahan

Title: Trawling the Algae Overload

Attribution: Trawling the Algae Overload, 2017, Eve Jacobs-Carnahan, photo by Paul Rogers, Stowe VT

Year: 2017

Materials: Wool yarns, felted wool, mulberry paper, rubber inner tubes, corn on the cob tray, canvas, acrylic paint

Dimensions: 13 x 28 x 22 inches

Image Statement: The lustrous white feathers of this majestic pelican evoke an image of simple purity. The pelican’s neck stretches tall, arcing toward the powerful, but empty, beak. This bird finds no food in the algae-choked waters through which it glides. The black waters harbor no fish. The knitted and felted yellow-green algae have choked all life from their depths. The softness of the yarn invites you to reach out toward the bird to save it from starvation. Looking at the glint in the bird’s yellow-rimmed eyes and its slightly parted beak, you can almost hear the bird’s sharp call. Pushing forward, it lifts its wings ready for flight.