Treasure Tower IV

Treasure Tower IV

Artist: Janet Jaffke

Title: Treasure Tower IV

Attribution: Treasure Tower IV 2023. Janet Jaffke

Year: 2023

Materials: Burlap, thread, gauze

Dimensions: 65cm x 192cm

Image Statement: This is one in an ongoing series called the "Treasure Towers". Treasure Tower is a reference found in many Buddhist scriptures and most often refers the the famous "Ceremony in the Air" found in the last of the Buddha's teaching, The Lotus Sutra. It is a ceremony in which the buddhist followers gather to hear great wisdom from the Buddha. When the ceremony commences the earth opens and the Buddha appears in a large tower adorned with treasure and is suspended in the air. It is at this gathering that the Buddha explains that the treasure tower exists in each individual, independent of circumstance or status. It is within each person ability to polish their life and allow the treasure to shine. I have included the concept that human beings are all different but essentially the same, and that there is beauty in our diversity and in our struggles to become shining human beings.