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The Fusion of Fiber Arts, Fashion & Design EIP: Fall 2022 SDJ, Out Now!

Surface Design Association is excited to announce The Fusion of Fiber Arts, Fashion & Design: SDA International Exhibition in Print, our Fall 2022 edition of Surface Design Journal. This year’s International Exhibition in Print pushed artists to explore the various ways fusion as a concept can be expressed and incorporated into fashion and fiber art. Co-juried by Amber-Dawn Bear Robe, The Fusion of Fiber Arts, Fashion & Design examines artists’ interpretation of the process of joining two or more things together to create something totally new. 

Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover:

Art as Fashion / Fashion as Art Award Ivy Anderson: “This series contains ambiguous shapes interpreted as signs of growth or deterioration attuned to my perception of ‘home’ and ‘family’ as I attempt to embrace young adulthood.”

Ivy Anderson, Wingback (front), 2022. Hand-sewn, foam manipulated and sculpted secondhand doilies, quilt, knit fabrics, foam, wire and stuffing. Photo: Zachary Kaufman. Model: Charles Mack.

Current Statement Award Dong Kyu Kim: “For me, the Supreme brand epitomizes the current state of the fashion market. After forty years of neoliberalism and globalization, the fashion market eventually saw the decline of low-priced, mass-produced goods with the 2008 financial crisis.”

Dong Kyu Kim, Shape of You (front), 2020. Hand-sewn quilt from paper receipts, American flag, stickers, thread and plastic tub, 79 x 49 x 30.5 inches. Photo by the artist.

Innovation in Technique Award Tanni’ (Tyra Shackleford): “As a Chickasaw artist, my pursuit of textiles has been driven by my devotion to preserve and pass along my history and culture as well as ancient hand-weaving techniques. Through this medium, I capture and record compelling stories that may otherwise be lost. I specialize in three ancient weaving techniques which were present in the Americas prior to European contact: finger weaving, twining and sprang.”

Tanni’ (Tyra Shackleford), The Raven, 2019. Interlinking Sprang with 50/50 bison and merino, 50/50 bison and muga silk, aromatic cedar, makore wood, acrylic resin, brass and dyed goose feathers, 32 x 68 inches. Photo: James Wallace, Choctaw.

Surface Design Award Theo Trotter: “By utilizing the tension between beautiful and unsettling visual elements, my practice deals with the idea of metamorphosis as both necessary and transcendent, but simultaneously a painful experience. This conflict between attraction and repulsion also represents injury and healing, processes which are an important part of my work.”

Theo Trotter, Untitled II, 2021. Paper pulp embedded with textiles, paper and gauze bandage, satin, 9 x 14 inches. Photo by the artist.

Unconventional Materials Award Peter T. McCarthy: “was struck by both their bold colours and the irony they presented; zippers are only brightly coloured in order to blend in with other fabrics and disappear. They are intended to be invisible servants holding the object or garment together. I couldn’t resist playing with this duality.”

Peter T McCarthy, Anthem for a New World Order, 2022. Off-loom woven, machine and hand-stitched nylon zippers, nylon thread and brass rivets, 120.75 x 202 inches. Photo: Eddy Dagher.

Modern Meets Traditional Award Leisa Rich: “I still love the challenge of treating the human form as a living sculpture, bringing together art, fashion and design into a transformational experience.”

Leisa Rich, Smack Dab In The Eye Of A Golden Storm (front), 2022. Free motion and hand-embroidered, appliquéd, painted, beaded, sewn, woven and constructed new and recycled fabric, thread, embroidery floss, dye, acrylic paint, beads and felted hat. Photo by the artist.

Guest Juror Award Joyce Watkins King: “I made the gown’s bodice from six different pairs of reused blue jeans of varying shades and detailed the front panel with red machine embroidery that spilled onto the skirt. As the skirt reaches to the floor it becomes increasingly more disheveled and ragged. Bits of sari fabric spill out of the burst open seams.”

Joyce Watkins King, Ballgown Breakdown (back), 2017; 2021. Deconstructed, sewn and embroidered jeans (about 100 pairs), silk sari fabric, thread and wooden frame structure, 10 x 10 x 20 feet. Photo by the artist.

This year’s EIP also has 20 Featured Artists included alongside the award winners: Anna Vescovi, Brigitte Amarger, Cassie Arnold, Christine Meuris, Colleen Muscha, Deborah Morris, Della Reams & Larry Rushing, Erica Rasmussen, George-Ann Bowers, Heather Ujiie, Jooyoung Shin, Judy Bales, Louise Perrone, Louise Saxton, Maya Rose Weiss, Megan Prince, Nicole Havkost, Rima Day, Ruth Buffington & Jim Bremer, and Theda Sandiford.

Jooyoung Shin, La Source (front), 2020. Draped, hand-stitched and pleated Korean traditional ramie, yarn-embroidered mesh and netting. Photo: Zachary Kaufman.

Maya Rose Weiss, Soul Physics – Necklace (on model), 2021. Basket woven hemp twine, paper twine and wool yarn, 20.5 inches (inner circumference). Photo: Beata Mamrol.

Outstanding Student Awards: Presented annually to students who have demonstrated excellence in fiber arts. This year, the SDA Education Committee selected three awardees to be featured in print: Laurel Rennie, Katy Rodden Walker and Simone White. The work of these artists embodied inventive and innovative use of technique, materials and concepts in fiber arts. 

Laurel Rennie, Crabapple Cathedral, 2021. Hand-dyed, pieceworked and quilted cotton, velvet and found fabrics, reactive printed cotton, cotton batting, acrylic ink and wood supports, 65 x 78 inches. Photo: Paul Litherland.

Katy Rodden Walker, Enmeshed, 2022. Dipped, molded and suspended clay slip, glue, cheesecloth, wire, string and lights, approximately 12 x 14 x 10 feet. Photo: © Charles Mayer Photography.

Simone White, Ni de aquí, ni de allá, 2022. Shima Seiki machine-knit bambu (rayon) and acrylic yarn. Photo by the artist.

Grant & Award Winners: Surface Design Association is committed to supporting the efforts of its members to realize their creative goals and positively impact the world of textiles, fibers and surface design. SDA’s grants and awards support members as they demonstrate excellence in the studio, engage in professional development, create exhibition opportunities and events, or engage in practices that positively impact their community. SDA’s 2021 and 2022 Grants and Awards were made possible by a generous grant from the Lenore G. Tawney Foundation

Gabriela Nirino, Protection Wrap, 2022. Handwoven corn husk strips, hemp, nylon thread, wood and steel, 3.9 x 13.38 inches. Photo by the artist.

To buy a copy of The Fusion of Fiber Arts, Fashion & Design, go to the SDA Marketplace, or you can check out a free digital sample on our SDA Journal page.

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