Why We Pledged To Support SDA

Jane Dunnewold Pledge 2014I Pledged To Save My Village


I [once] longed for connections to a world that I knew was out there but didn’t know how to access automatically. After attending my first SDA conference, I returned home feeling as though I’d found my village. For me, it’s still about the community.

I’m eager for our pledge drive to succeed, to breathe vibrant new life into this community & association that encompasses us. Join me in pledging NOW – before December 31 – as a tangible witness to the depth of our community.

Chloe Mauro headshot pledgeI Pledged Because I Can’t Bear The Idea Of Losing SDA


 I have been an SDA member for years (originally in the US) and can’t bear the idea of such a wonderful organisation and brilliant magazine going under.

Sue Anne Sullivan mug shotI Pledged Because SDA Is A MUST For Me


Not unlike NPR, member-supported textile resources are a must for me!

Anne Aube_SDA Testimonial HeadshotI Pledged Because SDA Inspires My Work


SDA has been an integral part of my career development – both as a student & an embroidery artist. It has opened up my view of what could be accomplished within the medium. It has inspired the work I create countless times. The possible loss of both the Journal & the organization itself deeply saddens me. But it makes me hopeful we can all come together in a time of need to rally around an organization that has done so much for so many people.

liv d samset website headshotI Pledged Because SDA Is MY Organization


I think SDA is one of  the best and most professional textile organizations in the world. The magazines are absolutely top level and a sheer joy to get. I feel SDA is my organization and I want it to live. Please join me in supporting SDA’s future.

Elena Rosenberg webI Pledged Because Investing In SDA Is Investing In Our Future


We – the textile designers, artists, collectors, educators, trendsetters and tastemakers of today & tomorrow – need a professional organization that represents & protects our  interests. We also need a sophisticated platform for exchanging ideas, collaboration + networking. Surface Design Association’s history, record of accomplishment – plus its yet untapped potential – position it perfectly to play all these roles. Consider your pledge as an investment in your future – and in the future of the field we love.

Beverly Westra head pledgeI Pledged Because SDA Is Worth Saving


I’ve been a member for about 3 years. The Minneapolis conference was my first exposure to SDA and I knew then that this is my tribe. The talent, knowledge and generosity of all was so inspiring. Even as a newbie to fiber art, I heard nothing but encouragement. My heartfelt thanks to all who have stepped up to lead this organization. SDA is worth saving!

dori settles website headshotI Pledged Because SDA Is A Blessing


I’m IN! I’m blessed – and SDA is part of my blessings. I did the math: if all 3000+ SDA members pledge, then only $47 PER MEMBER is needed.  Obviously, some can’t pledge – and some can give more – but this should be a no-brainer.

Amy Pett headshot pledgeI Pledged Even Though My Income Is Limited


OF COURSE I will make a pledge – although because I am living on Social Security it will necessarily be small. I personally know how painful this sort of thing can be because several small non-profits I have been involved with have faced this exact same difficulty.

Ruth Tabancay HeadshotI Pledged Because SDA Has Enriched My Life


I am devastated to think of the organization folding. Giving back is one of the reasons I took over as Northern California Rep.

I started out my association with SDA because of Surface Design Journal. It’s the best art periodical I have come across. Thoughtfully and critically  written articles with photos that leap from the pages. Where else would I hear about these artists? I was thrilled to have an image of my work published in a group show review in Spring 2005.

But for me, SDA is much more than the Journal. I attended Reinvention,  the joint SDA/SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) Conference at San Francisco State in 2010. Last year I attended in-ter-face conference in San Antonio, where I was honored to be selected as one of three jurors for SDA student exhibition and the awards juror on site. It was my first time to jury an exhibition and I gained so much from that experience. Both times I took workshops after the conference which greatly enriched my knowledge of new media. And over the past several years I’ve attended many of the regional meetings to hear speakers I otherwise would not have had access to.

The common denominator in all these experiences is the people I have met – with whom I continue to build relationships. In this internet age, there’s still nothing like meeting artists face to face and seeing their actual work. I have certainly enjoyed getting to know more regional members and sharing in show & tell.

This is what SDA means for me and why I will continue to support the organization. Think about what SDA has meant to you – and what if all that was suddenly gone from your life.

I know we are all inundated with requests for donations at this time of year, but the difference between SDA continuing or closing down completely seems so critically urgent.

I have pledged $500 toward the goal of $150,000. I hope you’ll make a pledge; one that reflects the importance of SDA to you personally – and to fiber artists of all kinds.

Nancy Nakamoto websiteI Pledged Because SDA Provides Creative Community


SDA has been my community for over 30 years.

Like so many members, what got me to join was Surface Design Journal. I coveted every issue. Then I went to my first conference…a huge inspirational experience, a testament to how much more I could push my art and enjoy the camaraderie of artists yearning to meet others.

When I finally stepped up and became a state rep, it was for the more intimate community of friends. Actually, I didn’t know a single member in my state, but I wanted to meet them and interact on a more personal level. I discovered so many wonderful artists living in and around me whom I would never have met if not for our common interest in SDA.

Now I have a real, tangible, local community of artist friends. I have a vested interest in helping the greater community that is SDA in its hour of need. There is so much more we can do together to ring in a new era for SDA.

Please join me to support SDA’s future – NOW.

Barb Matthews Head websiteI Pledged Because SDA Has Guided My Artistic Growth


Have you ever felt like a fraud by saying you were an artist? I have.

I joined SDA several years ago as I was just emerging from that phase. I was in awe of all the art I saw in Surface Design Journal. I thought the artists who produced these pieces were gods – untouchable. After having a little more experience at SDA San Antonio conference (2013), at our own WA state Surface Matters symposium – and through taking workshops with other members, I realized these artists are exceedingly generous people, sharing their methods, techniques, and habits. While these big names are still to be revered for their creative ability, I realize that they are normal people who have everyday struggles, like I do, like getting into the studio, fearing the next step and quieting the doubt. It has helped me become more comfortable in my own skin as an artist.

When I think of my own progression, I appreciate that I have experienced this kind guidance. I am grateful that I had SDA to help me through my growth. I fear that many young people just starting out may not have the comfort of a sharing and caring community. I am also concerned about the future of fiber as a respected art medium. It still seems like a battle to keep fiber art in the forefront. Losing SDA would be a huge step backward.

As an approach, I find surface design techniques to be the most open to radical experimentation. We appreciate and celebrate non-traditional methods, like the combination of adhesives, acrylic, solvents and dyes. We rejoice in the juxtaposition of extreme materials. It’s sort of crazy how far we can take this fascination. The possibilities are exhilarating.

 If you feel the way I do, I hope that you, too, will make a pledge to sustain SDA.

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