Georgina May Young Life Place 2019, cotton thread on linen, 16” x 20”.

Artist Spotlight: Georgina Young

My making is intuitive and resourceful, I appreciate and value the time and natural materials that combine, intersect and grow, reflecting both love and life. I have always been drawn to embroidery, weaving and gardening: powerful and diverse mediums that connect me with other makers, working together in communities or at home. I honor those who work with their hands and inspire me.

Georgina May Young Rock Study I 2016, cotton thread on handwoven linen, 16” x 20”.

Georgina May Young Rock Study I (detail) 2016, cotton thread on handwoven linen, 16” x 20”.

My Nan was a tailor, maker and rascal, whenever I visited I would marvel at her intricate needlework, crochet lace and wild colorful rug creations while munching on black doris plums and golden queen peaches from her cute state house garden. Growing up in Ōpōtiki and Rotorua my handwork was really encouraged through helping Dad in his welding workshop, learning to do tukutuku panel work at school and harakeke weaving at Waiariki Polytechnic.

Georgina May Young Life Place I 2017, cotton thread on linen, 28” x 29”.

I love working with natural materials and seek to leave as little ecological impact as possible.  I collect and reuse materials from friends and whanau, opshops, and places I visit to weave and stitch with. Working with the essence of landscape and fragments of the land drawing upon natural and primal creative forces. 

Georgina May Young Life Place I (detail) 2017, cotton thread on linen, 28” x 29”.

As a gardener, a dreamer and lover of the soil I end up spending a lot of time crouching in the garden with my hands in the soil working, I enjoy closely observing the intricate relationships and the diverse presence of life around me. There’s a deep ancestral connection and preciousness to landscape and time that I feel with my whakapapa and being a mother.

Collecting imagery, colour  and inspiration on walks in the bush and swimming at any possible chance with my whanau and friends.

Georgina May Young Life Place 2019, cotton thread on linen, 16” x 20”.

I choose to work slowly, at times labour intensive, each work draws me to an appreciation of time and conscious attention spent whilst stitching, weaving and gardening the process is so meditative and calm, a slower life, a breathing spell, it is a space to travel in. At other times these intense levels of concentration can be really liberating, I am freed from everything else with my hands and mind engaged in the process wholly. With recent works I have woven my own linen on a four shaft table loom and used natural dyes to make my fabric to then embroider.

Georgina May Young Life Place II 2019, cotton thread on linen, 19.25” x 23.25”.

With all the disquietude our natural world and human relationships are under my work holds an optimism close. We are a part of this the rocks, soil, water and cosmos, everything holds a real presence, an essence of past lives lived and possibility of future, I am always so aware of that feeling. Part of my work is like cataloguing a passing time and a plethora of genus whether they are real or imagined like an ancient conversation with landscape.

Each work investigates through scale, texture, colour and through this effort creates a surreal life place, a wild garden all of its own, mark-making with intent, with layers growing and emerging organically over an expanse of time like nature itself, etched to join the detritus of life.

Georgina May Young Life Place III 2020, cotton thread on handwoven linen, 19.25” x 22.5”.

Georgina May Young Life Place III (detail) 2020, cotton thread on linen, 9.25” x 22.5”.

With textiles dense history through life and culture, from adornment to practical survival and uses some of my making crosses over into domestic items to be worn, carried and used. I love this facet of my work defying the industrialization of cloth and celebrating the handmade, weaving small pouches, cloths, bags and wraps to be worn and utilised its like the pieces really live a life beyond being seen and they work within the home alongside you, holding history. This work is an extension of my connection to landscape, home, the cave. 


Georgina May Young heard a message in the blowing leaves to meet you at the tallest tree (detail) 2020, cotton thread on handwoven linen, madder dye, 18” x 26.25”.

– Georgina May Young (Upokorehe, Whakatohea, Pākehā) was born in Opotiki in the Bay of Plenty and lives in Ōtepoti, Aotearoa with partner Sean and children Rocko and Aubrey. Gardening and producing textile works of embroidery and weaving on a loom, Young’s work is a slow meditation on the preciousness of life and our ecosystems felt within her strong ancestral dream connections in the soil. Held through the movement of a needle, a garden tool and a shuttle is an optimism, a quiet deep embrace of time.



  • Pat Herkal says

    January 29, 2021 at 7:54 am

    Beautiful and inspirational

  • Zona Sage says

    January 29, 2021 at 8:40 am

    This work is amazing and inspiring!

  • Robert Christian Hillestad says

    January 29, 2021 at 10:33 am

    Your work is exquisite. Thank you for making it as well as sharing it with us. Best wishes, Robert

  • Bob Mosier says

    January 29, 2021 at 10:39 am

    As someone who also loves the laborious, time-consuming, and contemplative aspect of thread, I find your pieces beautifully serene. What a wonderful use of materials .... just so zen. Thanks for putting your work out in the world.

  • Christine Keller says

    January 29, 2021 at 1:39 pm

    I know Georgina - I am glad I know Georgina. She does amazing work with this feel for the land and plants around her! I love her work!!! And I admire how she manages her practice while bringing up a young family. Thanks for sharing the work of this humble New Zealand artist.

  • leslie horan simon says

    January 29, 2021 at 3:11 pm

    I am a fan. Your work is beautiful and the spirit behind it is something to treasure. I will look forward to learning more about you and your work.

  • Roxanne Kelley says

    January 29, 2021 at 10:44 pm

    Your work caught my eye. So detailed in small complete stories. Gentle color compositions. Very nice.

  • Scrap Princess says

    May 13, 2021 at 10:49 pm

    Such fantastic awareness of all the rich colours of a landscape! All build up and expressed with a rich joyous tangle of texture!

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