Sonja Dahl "Colonial Glory" (detail) 2016

Friday Fibers Roundup

This week’s Friday Fibers Roundup has two exhibitions featuring many SDA members, open registration for fiber classes both in California and Poland, as well as how sewing your own clothes can help find empowerment in your body.

Ayn Hanna LineScape #38 2017, hand-printed fabrics, batting, stitching, 43” x 64”.

1) The Vermont chapter of SDA presents the exhibition, Wild Fibers, which is on display at Emile A. Gruppe Gallery through July 9th, 2017.

2) The Mendocino Art Center now has registration open for their summer fibers courses. Classes include natural dyes, embroidery, mending, shibori, indigo, felting, and so much more. Enroll before classes fill up!

3) “From Penelope to Pussyhats, the Ancient Origin of Feminist Craftivism” by Stephanie McCarter explores the subversive nature of women’s handicrafts throughout history (via Literary Hub).

4) “Modern-day Griot” by Karen Hampton explores Hampton’s work in both fiber and race issues. She uses her weavings like a modern-day storyteller—looking to cultures around the world for inspiration (via Hand Eye Magazine).

5) This video shows The Art of Making a Tapestry.

6) “How Sewing Helped Me Find A Home in my Body” by Mary Rockcastle shows how being able to create your own garments that fit your body size can be empowering (via Bust).

7) The Kindcraft recently published an article about textile designer Susanne Stern and her views on sustainable clothing, dyes, and the future of natural dyeing.

8) The Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, Poland are opening registration for Textile Art Courses for artists either new or experienced to enroll in. The courses are held in two sessions: first between July 18 and 30 and second between August 8 and 20, 2017.

9) The exhibition Cut Cloth: Contemporary Textiles and Feminism examines the shifting role of textiles within contemporary feminist art practices. The show is on display at The Portico Library and The Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester, United Kingdom and is up until July 5th, 2017.

10) The documentary YARN Icelandic director Una Lorenzen is now on Netflix.

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