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Friday Fibers Roundup: Fashion’s Future

This week’s Friday Fibers Roundup highlights a series of articles, exhibitions, and innovations in the fashion, wearable art, and experimental fashion realms.

Madeline Mitchell Gasteracantha geminate 2015, vinyl, sewn, pattern and garment construction, 60′′ x 40′′ x 40′′.

1) “The Future Of Fashion in 5 Wild New Garments” by Diana Budds examines what we will be wearing in 5, 50, or 500 years, all on view at MoMA (via FastCoDesign).

2) Artist Yuni Kim Lang’s gorgeous series, Comfort Hair, references Korean gache–wigs that women of high society used to wear (via The Jealous Curator).

3) “How Fashion Has Constricted Women’s Bodies Over 250 Years” by Angelica Frey spotlights how an exhibit at the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology looks at society’s obsession with the body through garments from the late 1700s to present (via Hyperallergic).

4) This image gallery from Hi-Fructose shows new headpieces from the Comme des Garcons’ fall/winter 2018 line.

5) “The College Student Who Decoded the Data Hidden in Inca Knots” by Katherine Davis-Young shows how Manny Medrano cut loose on spring break by analyzing a set of khipus (via Atlas Obscura).

6) This video, titled POSTamos, features a beautiful garment that blends technology and nature.

7) “Miss Meatface Explores Womanhood in Performance, Photography” by Andy Smith looks at how Kat Toronto blends performance art and photography under the working name of Miss Meatface (via Hi-Fructose).

8) The exhibition Expedition: Fashion from the Extreme brings together areas of technology that have not previously been studied with fashion, such as Space Age fashion and exploring space suit development.

9) Ireland-based ThreadStories creates wonderfully weird knitted masks in vibrant colors and designs (via The Jealous Curator).

10) “Spider Silk and Stem-cell Leather are the Future of Fashion” by Steve Dent examines how, at Paris Fashion Week, one tech incubator showed off the possibilities for fashion’s future (via Engadget).

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    July 18, 2018 at 5:13 am

    All these articles are quite informative. Reading this i came to know about the artificial leather production from yeast. Thank you for sharing them.

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