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Friday Fibers Roundup: Fierce Fashion

This week’s Friday Fibers Roundup spotlights the importance of size, culture, and class representation within the fashion industry.

Alexander Hernandez Spirits 2017, found textiles, patchwork, site-specific installation.

1) “A Muslim Fashion Blogger With a Fierce Message” by Alex Hawgood highlights the work done by Ms. Katebi (the brains behind the politically-charged fashion blog Joojoo Azad), where she frequently casts a spotlight on reductive media representations of hijab-wearing Muslim women and the environmental implications of trendy fashion (via New York Times).

2) “Why Size Is More Than a Number” by Alexandra Shulman looks how at the fashion industry’s thorny relationship with body size is dispiriting for consumers and bad for business (via Business of Fashion).

3) Fashion Visuals (directed by Tobias Gremmler) digitally binds fabric and skin into a strangely biological membrane (via Nowness).

4) “The Jumpsuit That Will Replace All Clothes Forever” by Heather Radke spotlights the work of the Rational Dress Society, a collective committed to what the group calls “counter-fashion”—a critique of fashion and capitalism through political dress (via The Paris Review).

5) “Class Appropriation in Fashion Is Real, and Impossible to Talk About” by Erin Schwartz explores how unlike criticism of cultural appropriation in happening in fashion, criticism of class appropriation is rarely talked about (via Vice).

6) Fashion Revolution wants to teach you just how much work goes into making one t-shirt in their video Let’s make a shirt!

7) “Why Are Magazines Still Not Letting Plus Women Actively Participate In Fashion?” by Laia Garcia examines the history of when plus-sized models started to appear in magazines, how attitudes are being shifted / remaining the same, and where the future of all body type acceptance is heading (via Refinery29).

8) This video shows how the simple invention of the button changed the world, according to fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi.

9) “10 Fashion Museums to Visit Before You Die” by Alexander Cavaluzzo considers the top ten must-see fashion museums around the world. Where does one see haute couture on display? And where can we see Napoleon’s socks? (via Hyperallergic).

10) This video shows how famous floral painting are transformed into stunning fabrics for fashion lines.

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