Anna Carlson "Engram" 2017

Friday Fibers Roundup: Geometry (Nature + Tech)

This week’s Friday Fibers Roundup features a mix of artists, exhibitions, and projects that deal with patterns and geometry in either natural or high-tech ways.

Barbara Matthews HugOrKiss? 2017, dyed silk applied to acrylic glass and lit with LED lights, 12” x 12”.

1) MIT Media Lab’s Tangible Media Group has created a system to fold materials into various origami shapes when inflated, turning specifically designed paper, plastic, and fabric into representations of swans, helixes, or other 3D figures with minimal human interaction called aeroMorph (via Colossal).

2) The Jealous Curator recently had Gunjan Aylawadi on the podcast and interviewed her on newest slow meditative paper weaving series Place for Prayer.

3) This new textile might look like a mesh bandage, but it is actually a gel that is said to be five times stronger than carbon steel.

4) Art in Bloom—a biennial fall celebration of fine art and floral designs—returns to Cincinnati, Ohio October 26th–29th. The event will feature four days of special events, family friendly activities, docent-led tours and demonstrations by curators and floral arrangers.

5) “FASHION’S ATTICS” from the New Yorker showcase how Italian designers preserve their histories and fashion houses—often second- or third-generation family operations.

6) Profound Space by Francisco Prieto takes us to that hushed moment of awe that comes upon entering the overwhelming and embellished space of a cathedral (via The Jealous Curator).

7) A newly created fabric stretches and “grows” with infants to reduce waste.

8) “This $500 shirt changes color when exposed to air pollution – but who does it help?” by Esha Chhabra looks at a NYC-based designer that says they wants to make people pay more attention to the environment. But at these prices, is this more art than activism? (via The Guardian).

9) Loominary is a video game that uses a tabletop loom as an interface to weave a scarf. It uses a narrative that follows the story of the Greek myths of Oedipus and Medusa (via Fibre 2 Fashion).

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