New Faces: SDA Welcomes 3 Board Members

SDA NewsBlog is pleased to announce the following new board members:

Susan Taber Avila

For many years I’ve volunteered behind the scenes, particularly with conferences. I’m committed to SDA because I believe that we are a tribe of like-minded people and being part of the organization creates a sense of community. SDA is only as strong as its members; if everyone contributes then we have strength in numbers and we can be a true member organization. I want to be the SDA evangelist, reaching out to young and emerging artists as well as increasing our international presence. We all benefit from a more inclusive and diverse organization.

Susan Taber Avila is an artist and designer who uses textiles to enhance perception of contemporary culture. She is Professor of Design (Textiles & Fashion) at the University of California, Davis and a Sunshine Scholar at Wuhan Textile University in Wuhan, China. She was a recipient of a 2010 Center for Cultural Innovation “Investing in Artists” Grant. She has shown internationally in Argentina, China, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Mexico, Swaziland and the UK and in numerous exhibitions in the United States. Her work is included in Machine Stitch Perspectives, Contemporary Textiles, and Textiles Now as well as several other books and periodicals including American Craft, Fiberarts, and Surface Design Journal. She was the co-creator of the website, (1999-2010) and has published articles in Fiberarts, Ornament, and Surface Design Journal.

Jeanne Raffer Beck

I have always felt a deep loyalty to SDA because of its appreciation for the whole field of fiber-related practices – from textile and fashion design to installations and sculptural forms. As members, we are exposed to tremendous diversity and opportunities to learn from each other. I’ve been an active volunteer at conferences, on conference committees and then as New York State Representative. Now, as a board member, I recognize how important good communication is to our success. I want to work to make sure that people know who we are and are eager to join our dynamic, growing membership network.

Jeanne Raffer Beck is a studio artist whose mixed media fiber works explore letterforms as visual imagery. Beck has shown her work in juried, invitational and solo exhibitions throughout the United States, England and Australia. Her work is in numerous books and magazines, including Surface Design Journal. Previously, she ran Beck Publications for 8 years, creating promotional materials for corporate clients and writing freelance magazine articles. Her business background includes experience as executive director for 3 non-profit organizations. Beck was SDA New York State Representative from 2008-2011. During her tenure she started the first SDA blog, In A New York Minute, and oversaw the Northeast Regional SDA Contemporary Fiber Exhibition in 2011. She is president of a contemporary art group in Rochester, NY and is also active in the association of artists who work in her studio building.

Teresa Paschke

I have strong feelings about making it possible for more students and those with low incomes to join SDA and attend our conferences. I’ve been involved in SDA for a long time. I’ve served on many committees and now want to see us generate the revenues to become much more of a resource for others. I’m chairing the fund-raising committee because I would love SDA to have the means to offer scholarships to students for the study of textiles. When we nurture the involvement of students and emerging artists, we are truly nurturing future members and organizational leaders.

Teresa Paschke is an Associate Professor at Iowa State University in Ames, where she teaches textile design courses in the Integrated Studio Arts program. Her work has been featured in many national and international exhibitions as well as in American Craft, Fiberarts, Surface Design Journal, Shuttle, Spindle and Dyepot, Fiberarts Design Book 6 and Fiberarts Design Book 7. Her current creative scholarship examines the history of textile printing processes and, specifically, the relationship between hand- and mechanical-printing methods. She is a member of several national and international organizations including Textile Center in Minneapolis and American Craft Council.

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  • Jane Dunnewold says

    February 28, 2012 at 11:36 am

    Welcome, welcome, welcome. It's exciting to read these profiles and imagine where SDA will go next under such dedicated leadership.

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