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Outstanding Student Awards 2023, Part 1 (of 3)

The winners of SDA’s Outstanding Student Awards were recently announced for the students who have demonstrated excellence in fiber arts. The work of these artists embodied inventive and innovative use of technique, materials and concepts not only in fibers and textiles, but in printmaking, sculpture, and more. It is an honor for the Education Committee to be able to see student work, review it, and learn more about the personal and societal issues they are tackling through their work. We will be spotlighting OSA students every Friday in July, please feel free to follow them and support their art practices. Congratulations to all 39 awardees!

Atinuke Adeleke (she/her), Omo ta ni e (whose child are you?) Headboard, 2023. Hand embroidered Aso Oke fabric, furniture fabric by Perennials Fabrics, embroidery floss on maple plywood, with 3D printed wood PLA and pewter, 44 inches in diameter. Photo: Wesley Kirk. Graduate, University of North Texas. | @atinukeosibogun

Hadis Karami (she/her), Don’t Tread on Me, 2023. Coiled, random woven and hand embroidered synthetic hair, yarn, rope, metal thread, sequin, bead, and mirror, 24 × 18 inches. Photo by the artist. Graduate, Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Lilah Ward (she/her), Superimposition, 2023. Quilted cotton fabric, 25 x 49 inches. Photo by the artist. Graduate, University of Iowa. | @Lilah_Shepherd

Margaret Larson (she/her), Over the Garden Wall, 2023. Splattered, dip dyed, dry brushed, and bleached cotton lawn, brushed cotton shirting, silk organza, color remover paste, fabric paint, with Japanese silk flowers. Photo: Stephens College. Undergraduate, Stephens College. | @argeauxdesigns

Yunjia Zhang (she/her), Tooth on the Roof, 2023. Machine knit wool and mohair, cardboard, laser cut plywood, 3D printed, and acrylic paint, 29 x 9 x 14 inches. Photo: He Li. Undergraduate, Savannah College of Art and Design. | @melvis_zzzz

Maddie Gordon (she/her), As I Lay Here, I Think of Who I Once Was and I Hold Her Close, 2023, Quilted and hand-dyed cotton and silk gauze with sequins, beads, and confetti, 80 x 57 inches. Photo by the artist. Undergraduate, Kutztown University. |

Anna Stuffelbeam (she/her), Dye Plant Portraits, 2023, Jacquard woven and naturally dyed, unravelled wool and cotton yarn, 18 x 48 inches. Photo by the artist. Graduate, North Carolina State University. | @medicinalthreads

Pachia Vang (she/her), peb teb, teb peb, 2023. Appliquéd and naturally dyed silk with madder and turmeric, mordanted in soil, 18 x 18 inches. Photo by the artist. Graduate, UC Davis. | @culturethroughcloth

Nicole Prancik (she/her), Microcosmic Beings, 2023. Crocheted yarn with welded frame, 72 x 48 inches. Photo by the artist. Undergraduate, Drake University. @nicolivia_art

Autumn Standbridge (she/her), Souvenir, 2023. Hand stitched collage, 128 x 76 x 6 inches. Photo by the artist. Undergraduate, East Tennessee State University. |

Kelly Norris (she/her), Nature’s Influence, 2023. Hand-woven on TC2 with cotton, 19 x 39 inches. Photo by the artist. Undergraduate, East Carolina University. @knorris0212

Emily Chase (she/her), What Remains, 2023. Hand dyed, discharged, printed and quilted cotton sateen, silk organza, carved on scorched pine lumber, 98 x 49 x 67 inches. Photo by the artist. Graduate, Indiana University Bloomington. @inkstandstudio

For more information check out the Grants & Outstanding Student Awards page.

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