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SDA 2019: A Year in Review

What an amazing year it’s been for Surface Design Association! We released four stunning Journals, held our biennial conference in St. Louis, and had multiple member exhibitions. Let’s take a look back at all the wonderful artist opportunities that happened in 2018:

Domestic Spaces: Spring 2019 Surface Design Journal

Our first Journal of the new year! “Domestic Spaces” looks at the home and it’s long-standing relationship to textiles. From garment-based installations to the legacy of an inspirational textile designer, this Journal

Spring 2019 Cover of Domestic Spaces

Liz Collins & Oloop Inside Outside 

Embodiment: An SDA Online Exhibition

“Humans have complex relationships with their bodies and must reconcile the literal embodiment of self with personal, familial, and cultural expectations. What happens between total body acceptance as a child and the shift towards self-obsession, the need to “improve” and remake our bodies into something else?”

Curated by SD7: Karie Amstutz, Anna Carlson, Diana Eicher, Marjorie Fedyszyn, Kristin Hoelscher-Schacker, Kristi Swee Kuder, and Debra Maertens.

Susan Hotchkis Embrace

Fringe: On the Edge of Fiber: Summer 2019 Surface Design Journal

One of my personal favorite Journals, “Fringe” looks at both the literal and figurative meanings of the word—from faux fur and tassels, to outsider artists, and so much in-between. 

Zeng Lisi Smog & Floating

Home – Holding on and Letting Go: An SDA Online Exhibition

Home – Holding on and Letting Go, explores the idea of home through selected works focused on place, memory and connection. The collection is anchored by the question of how we define home particularly in an increasingly mutable landscape where communities, traditions and the earth itself are changing faster than ever before. Curated by Sharon Newton-Denson.

Susan Moran Talisman

Soft Borders: SDA International Exhibition in Print: Fall 2019 Surface Design Journal

Our annual EIP is always a highlight of the year! Juried by Monika Auch and Elizabeth Kozlowski, the theme centered on ‘soft borders’ and how artists could interpret the theme. 

Susan Smith The Passage: Mourning Cloth 

Beyond the Surface Conference & Exhibition

This exhibit and conference coincided with Innovations in Textiles 2019, featuring multiple textile exhibitions in greater St Louis, Missouri. Juried by Jo Stealey and Jim Arendt, 48 artists were selected, who continually push the evolution of textiles, from their long history of utilitarian use through color, design, processes, and meanings. Beyond the Surface included the best of contemporary work by SDA members, and thank everyone who participated.

Alexander Hernandez Fer

Future Tense 2019 Student Exhibition

Future Tense 2019 celebrates the creative work of student artists, designers, and makers working with or inspired by fiber or textile materials or techniques. The exhibition offers a glimpse into the future of contemporary fibers by presenting the very best work being made by students in the field today. Juried by Tamryn McDermott and Kim Eichler-Messmer, this exhibit also coincided with Innovations in Textiles 2019 and Beyond the Surface SDA Conference.

Future Tense logo

Liz Koerner Floor

Marigolds & Unicorns: Winter 2019 Surface Design Journal

Our most recent Journal, “Marigolds & Unicorns” celebrates and examines textile works that draw inspiration from a wide range of flora and fauna. From crocheted leaves and animal-hybrid dolls, to beaded dead birds, we are proud to finish the year off on such a wonderful group of artists. 

Susanna Bauer Collection (Two by Two) 

Thank you so much to everyone who takes part, supports, and continues to build SDA into what it is today! We have a small and lovely team who works so hard all year to highlight the work of our members and greater textile community. Without Karena Bennett, Elizabeth Kozlowski, Michelle Silver, Crystal Van Dee, Carolyn Hopkins, Sean Misday, Trevi Fountain, and our dedicated Board of Directors, none of this would be possible. We have a lot of exciting things in the works for 2020 and beyond that we can wait to share and experience with you! 

Reminder: if you’d like pitch an article idea for an upcoming Journal, please check out our Journal Submissions Page for more info and deadlines. There’s so much going on in the fibers and textile world, that it helps us out so much when you tell us about your projects!

We’re also always looking for blog articles!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe A Summer’s Day (detail)

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