Jo Hamilton "Shine Reclining" 2013

“The Body Embellished” – Out Now!

This edition of The Journal is filled with a selection of textile and fiber objects of adornment from around the world, along with captivating tactile interpretations of portraiture from multiple points of view. Throughout human history, the body has been both muse and canvas for a wide range of fiber art forms. Aspects of personal identity and cultural heritage are expressed in figurative tapestries and quilts that beautify our homes, while the textile construction, surface design, and material choices of jewelry and garments lavishly embellish our bodies.

"The Body Embellished" Summer 2016 Surface Design Journal

“The Body Embellished”  Summer 2016 Surface Design Journal

Here’s a little preview of what you’ll discover…

Jo Hamilton marries flesh to fabric in her crocheted portraits of friends, which remind us that our bodies, like fabric, sublimely sag and fray over time to become more beautiful and unique.

Jo Hamilton Orly (detail) Mixed crochet yarns (2016)

Jo Hamilton Orly (detail) Mixed crochet yarns (2016)

“Bijou Textile: Fiber in Contemporary Art Jewelry” features five international contemporary artists engaging in definitive mark-making who put no restrictions on materiality or the definition of wearability.

Mina Kang Mixture 1 Ramie fabric, thread, stainless steel, hand stitching (2015)

Mina Kang Mixture 1 Ramie fabric, thread, stainless steel, hand stitching (2015)

Laura Splan’s new series of jacquard weavings, 3D-printed sculptures, and digital prints on paper questions the notion of what it means to be “handmade” through the use of technology and the body, employing both traditional and contemporary craft practices.

Laura Splan Squint (detail) Archival pigment print on hot press cotton rag (2016)

Laura Splan Squint (detail) Archival pigment print on hot press cotton rag (2016)

“Alchemists of Adornment” looks at the transformation and reimagination of ordinary objects from three artists who have created successful businesses from their artistry.

Elaine Unzicker Fingerless Gloves Stainless chain mail mesh, stainless lobster claws, pearls, cut, seamed, soldered (2014)

Elaine Unzicker Fingerless Gloves Stainless chain mail mesh, stainless lobster claws, pearls, cut, seamed, soldered (2014)

“Lausanne Tapestry Biennial: Nomad Tapestries 2016” takes an in-depth look at a recent exhibition that charts the groundbreaking history and lasting influence of the iconic Lausanne Tapestry Biennials (1962-1995) in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Magdalena Abakanowicz Abakan Rouge III Sisal, tapestry techniques (1971)

Magdalena Abakanowicz Abakan Rouge III Sisal, tapestry techniques (1971)

In “Dutch by Design” a selection of innovative designers and makers illustrates issues in jewelry and fashion, as related to the body, through a wide range textile techniques to combine craft and technology.

Marga Weimans dress from the Wonderland collection

Marga Weimans dress from the Wonderland collection

This issue of The Journal also features two new departments!

1) In “Artist in Residence”, tapestry maker and educator Tommye McClure Scanlin takes “time out” to experience creative and contemplative time away from her usual isolated studio practice through artist residency opportunities in the Appalachian Mountains of the US.

Tommye McClure in process weaving

Tommye McClure Scanlin in process weaving

2) “Fiber & Film” features a review of YARN, a sensual and inspiring new documentary by Icelandic filmmaker Una Lorenzen.

Olek Crocheted Mermaid in motion

Olek Crocheted Mermaid in motion

For SDA Members,“The Body Embellished” should be appearing in mailboxes very soon!

To buy a copy of the Summer Edition, go to the SDA Marketplace, or you can check out a free digital sample on our SDA Journal page.

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