Web Links to Confluence Winter 2011 SDA Journal

Pat Hickman: The Confluence of Time and Art
by Hildreth York (Page 6):

Pat Hickman’s art has a timeless quality; her works hover at the mysterious border between the sensed and the seen.  While their content is indeed “liminal.” their physicality is ever present and very seductive.  Her art evokes a primal past that still resonates in our lives.

Pat Hickman: www.pathickman.com
Hildreth York
(author): no website found

A Safe Place To Play by Geraldine Craig (Page 12):

Jason Pollen has served a sixteen year term as President of the Surface Design Association.  His works seek to recapture a state of childhood play by taking “pleasure in eyes and hands having their own intentions that was different than his original concept.”

Jason Pollen: no website found
Geraldine Craig
(author): no website found

India Flint: Treading the Land Lightly by Wendy Lugg (Page 18):

As an artist who utilizes pre-used cloth and materials from windfalls or trees that she has planted, India Flint believes that “the way I live and the way I work are inextricably linked and feed each other.”

India Flint: www.indiaflint.com

Wendy Lugg (author): wendylugg.com

Designer Streetwear on Wheels by Jacqueline Ruyak (Page 24):

Drawing on historic and contemporary textile designs from the Design Center of Philadelphia University, artists covered the city’s recycling trucks with shrink-wrapped “fabric” as part of a confluence of events to unite arts education with public awareness about the need to recycle waste.

Design Center, Philadelphia University: www.philau.edu/designcenter

City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program’s Design in Motion:  The Recycling Truck Project:
Judy Hellman
, Director of Education/
Jane Golden, Director:  muralarts.org
Desiree Bender
, Artist, City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program: muralarts.org

Jacqueline Ruyek (author): no website found

Tactile Knowledge: Sandra Brownlee’s Multi-Faceted Practice
by Bhakti Ziek (Page 28):

“The hand of the maker” is not a jaded metaphor to use when describing Brownlee’s work but is “the active moving, knowing part of her reality” as defined by her seminal and magical group of intricately brocaded weavings.

Sandra Brownlee: no website found

Warren Lehrer: no website found

Bhakti Ziek: www.bhaktiziek.com

A Dialogue between Music and Art
by Ian Wilson (Page 32):

Illustrating the cross-fertilization of ideas in textile-related media, a laminated plywood wall scorched with a plasma torch “suggests the manner in which the dye bleeds into the cotton twill” that Harris uses to make his layered “cloths.”

Michael Brennand-Wood: brennand-wood.com

Matthew Harris: www.matthewharriscloth.co.uk

Ian Wilson (author): no website found

Affinities: Fiber and Wax by Joanne Mattera (Page 36):

Contemporary artists are not identified by materials but by ideas; “a good reason for all of us to eliminate the adjectives we use to define ourselves as artists” and to explore “contemporary artists who are working with a textile sensibility in wax, or integrating fiber and wax in ways that transcend conventional boundaries of textile thinking.”

Sam Moyer: sammoyer.net

Joan Giordano: www.joangiordano.com

Valerie Hammond:

Nancy Natale: nancynatale.net

Lorrie Fredette: www.lorriefredette.com

Barbara Ellmann: www.barbaraellmann.com

Renee Magnanti: www.reneemagnanti.com

Daniella Woolf: www.daniellawoolf.com

Joanne Mattera (author): www.joannemattera.com,

Threading Art into the Fabric of Life by Suzanne Smith Arney (Page 42):

“Intervention” involves the insertion of art “into the world beyond the studio and galleries. . .” By getting their art out into the street, interventionist artists are “working, talking, and interacting with people” and through these methods fostering immediate community involvement.

Maggie Leininger: www.maggieleininger.com

Kathryn Pannepacker: www.kpannepacker.com

Lea Redmond: www.leafcutterdesigns.com

Zoë Sheehan Saldaña: www.zoesheehan.com

Suzanne Smith Arney (author): no website found

DIY Craft: Therapy, Irony, or Handmade Hell? by Leesa Hubbell (Page 48)

“…indie-craft may be repeating the biggest mistake that the craft mainstream made: hard criticism was avoided like the plague, and still is. Who questions the pleasant assertions? From a certain point of view, indie-craft looks like a vast comfort zone.” –Bruce Metcalf

Elissa Auther: www.elissaauther.com

Vickie Howell/Craft Corps: vickiehowell.com/craftcorps

Debbie Stoller/Bust Magazine: www.bust.com
Stitch and Bitch: www.knithappens.com

Amy Schroeder/Venus Zine: www.venuszine.com

Callie Janoff/Church of Craft: churchofcraft.org/our-mission

Jean Railla: www.getcrafty.com

Yokoo Designs/Yokoo Gibran: www.etsy.com/shop/Yokoo

Crude Things/Lana Guerra: www.etsy.com/people/CrudeThings

Totus Mel/Pamela Quevedo: www.etsy.com/people/TotusMel

SoFino/Zoe Djukic: www.etsy.com/people/SoFino

LittleCansofBeans/Lorraine Aldrich: www.etsy.com/shop/LittleCansOfBeans

BessetteArt/Rebecca Bessette: www.etsy.com/people/BessetteArt

skymagenta/Wai Yee Ng: www.etsy.com/listing

Kaya Oakes: www.oakestown.org

Bruce Metcalf: www.brucemetcalf.com/blog


Faythe Levine: faythelevine.blogspot.com

April Winchell: regretsy.com

Yarnbombing (knittaplease): www.magdasayeg.com

Betsy Greer: craftivism.com

Ram Dass: www.ramdass.org

Leesa Hubbell (author): www.worldbatikcouncil.com/council/members


Special thanks to SDA Member/Volunteer Editorial Assistant Cherie Porter Blackwell for researching and compiling the majority of the links above.–Ed.

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