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Friday Fibers Roundup

This week’s roundup features a review of Cosima von Bonin’s first show in New York, an upcoming textile conference in London, Ukrainian women’s floral crowns, and some stunning embroidered street art.

Elin Noble Excerpts from a Fugue 1 (2015) Silk, 29.5" x 14"

Elin Noble Excerpts from a Fugue 1 (2015) Silk, 29.5″ x 14″

1) The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has digitized their entire exhibition archives dating back to its founding in 1929. With over 3,500 exhibitions now published, this project is an amazing resource to look through (via Hyperallergic).

2) Aino-Maija Metsola, Finnish textile designer, was recently hired to create new covers for Virginia Woolf classics to be reissued this fall (via Visual News).

3) The Knitting & Stitching Show, the most highly regarded textiles and craft show in the UK, is coming up soon (October 5th through 9th) at the Alexandra Palace in London.

4) Artist Wendy Reid Starr is the winner of this year’s Betty Bowen Award for her photography series about generational inheritances and adaption, specifically matrilineal relationships in Crow culture.

5) In this preview for Art 21’s new season, Nick Cave contemplates the space in which he creates his famous Soundsuits.

6) The Textile Systematism blog is a beautiful compendium of fiber related images.

7) Jason Farago reviews Cosima von Bonin’s Who’s Exploiting Who in the Deep Sea? The exhibition features the German sculptor’s use of colorful textiles and sea creatures as a metaphor for our own lives (via The New York Times).

8) In this beautiful photo series, Ukrainian women are bringing back traditional floral crowns as a reminder of cultural identity during the rough times their country is facing (via deMilked).

9) Researchers at North Carolina State University have developed a design for lightweight, wearable technology that harvests body heat and converts it into electricity for use in wearable electronics.

10) Set designer and artist Raquel Rodrigo brings colorful cross-stitch embroidery to building sides in Madrid (via Colossal).

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