Tilleke Schwarz "Gut Feeling" (detail) 2014

Friday Fibers Roundup

From new residencies for tech-savvy makers to Star Wars-inspired tapestries, this Friday Fibers Roundup is the perfect way to finish off the week with some textiles goodness!

Molly Koehn Structure 01 2016, stainless steel, silk, and linen yarn, wood, concrete, 18″ x 20″ x 12″.

1) The Alberta College of Art and Design is seeking an Artist for their Craft + Emerging Media Residency. Artists must be interested in using both digital technologies and traditional craft media within their artistic practice. Applications are due May 1st, 2017.

2) “How the Invention of Paper Changed the World” by Tim Harford looks at how the use of paper has transformed everyday life—from books, to home decor (via BBC).

3) Commemorating His Purple Reign: A Textural Tribute to Prince exhibition features the work of 24 quilters from around the nation, including members of the Women of Color Quilting Network. The show is on display at The Textile Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota until April 29th, 2017.

4) The Brazilian public pattern cutting library, Atelie Vivo, is bringing open-sourced creativity to fashion by allowing anyone to come and use their flat patterns to make their own clothes (via PSFK).

5) The Artist Circle presents Threads of Resistancea juried exhibition of work created to protest the Trump administration’s actions and policies. Applications are due May 1st, 2017.

6) When numbness in her right arm left Krista Louise Smith unable to paint, she turned to creating nurturing stitched pillows shaped like breasts, finding solace in the female nude (via The Creators Project).

7) Artist Megan Geckler recently completed A Million Things That Make Your Head Spin, a multi-colored tape installation that resembles hanging threads. The installation will be on view through April 30th, 2017 at the historic Customs House building in Sydney, Australia (via Colossal).

8) This video shows MoMA PS1’s courtyard covered in solar-active fabric, which was knitted by robots.

9) “12 Yarn Ball Types and How to Knit with Them” by Lisa Shroyer answers the many questions people have about the difference between a hank, skein, and a yarn cake (via Interweave).

10) This hand-stitched Star Wars Bayeux Tapestry was created by Aled Lewis and took six months to createstarting with designed scenes on his laptop and then copied pixel by pixel (via Daily Mail).

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