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SDA Book Club 2022: A Year In Review

December 2, 2022 5:00 am

This year, we were so lucky to have a wide range of books reviewed for SDA’s Book Club by contributing authors, Faith Hagenhofer, Vivien Zepf, and Katie Taylor. Here’s a combined list of all the reviews, as well as where to purchase each book. Fashionopolis: The Price of Fast Fashion and the Future of Clothes reviewed …

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SDA Book Club: “Fabric: The Hidden History of the Material World” reviewed by Vivien Zepf

November 4, 2022 5:00 am

Fabric: The Hidden History of the Material World by Victoria Finlay I’m so engrossed in Victoria Finlay’s new book, Fabric: The Hidden History of the Material World, that I’m wondering, will she get firsthand knowledge about barkcloth without the benefit of fifteen bodyguards and a helicopter? I don’t notice my bumpy flight until water slops …

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SDA Book Club: “The Pocket” reviewed by Faith Hagenhofer

October 7, 2022 5:00 am

The Pocket: A Hidden History of Women’s Lives by Barbara Burman & Ariane Fennetaux I finished this book while having to pack a carry-on bag for a weekend away, and wished I had the sartorial accessories of pockets, as discussed in this book. They would have been very handy for holding my book, headphones, knitting …

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SDA Book Club: “Worn” reviewed by Faith Hagenhofer

August 5, 2022 5:00 am

Worn: A People’s History of Clothing by Sofi Thanhauser Organized by fiber type, Worn is absolutely a history of clothing, but to be more precise, a history of its manufacture, and the labor therein. These intersections allow Thanhauser to explore firsthand this attribute of being human—our need for clothing and what it means for those …

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SDA Book Club: “The Nature of Things” reviewed by Vivien Zepf

July 1, 2022 5:00 am

The Nature of Things: Essays of a Tapestry Weaver by Tommye McClure Scanlin In his artist statement in the 1988 World Tapestry Today exhibition catalog, Archie Brennan wrote that tapestry is a frequently boring 20th century activity (1). Author and tapestry artist Tommye McClure Scanlin concedes the point. She notes it can be boring when …

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SDA Book Club: “Enchanted Worlds” reviewed by Vivien Zepf

March 4, 2022 5:00 am

Enchanted Worlds: The Visionary Collages and Art Couture of Amy Zerner by Monte Farber I’m a little freaked out. I’m staring at page 103, at a King of Wings/The Professional Tarot card that makes me think of Shakespeare. It’s from The Enchanted Love Tarot, one of the many collaborative projects created by Amy Zerner and …

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SDA Book Club: The Draught Book reviewed by Katie Taylor

February 4, 2022 5:00 am

This month’s addition to the SDA Book Club comes to us from SDA’s Advertising and Outreach Manager, Katie Taylor. The Draught Book by Jeremiah Fielding, 1775 (edited by Pat Foster, Janey Dunbar and Lynne Harper) The Draught Book by Jeremiah Fielding takes the reader on a trip back in time to explore a variety of …

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SDA Book Club: Fashionopolis reviewed by Faith Hagenhofer

January 7, 2022 5:00 am

Our first entry for 2022 into SDA’s Book Club is Fashionopolis, reviewed by Faith Hagenhofer! Fashionopolis: The Price of Fast Fashion and the Future of Clothes by Dana Thomas If a person is adept at seeing the Big Picture we say they are cosmopolitan.  When someone has a ubiquitous knowledge of their city we may …

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